Language has a way of skirting around in the margins. These margins collide with concepts, where the inner worm bashes against the outer skin of self, brushing against the ridges of intertextuality. Sometimes I feel like I’m constructing a system of art, other times I feel like I’m coughing up random words. Both cut into me and break out of me. This is a place of margins.



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  1. larinesan says:

    the margin is the only place to be as mainstream cogitates and coagulates with passing irrelevance…and indeed the street fair happens to all of us….. and your work is wicked!!

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  2. Writing… what a way to express! Keep it up… please.


  3. Sue J says:

    Your words, whether wormed or erupting by themselves at the surface are beautiful. I’m happy to follow along. Thanks for following me, too. 🙂


  4. Cait says:

    Elan, thank you for the follow (and the likes) on my blog! It’s nice to know someone out there is reading. I’m enjoying your writing so far…it’s unique, and a nice change to all the rambling I see on other blogs. I’ve tried to write poetry, but I rhyme too much, and they always turn into songs instead. I’ll definitely keep an eye on your site; and hope you’ll do the same with mine.


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  6. lang3063 says:

    Hello Elan. Thanks for following my blog. Poetry is hard work; maybe that’s why I write fiction instead. Keep at it!


  7. Botendaddy says:

    Elan, you are an original, anything but derivative.

    Peace be the Botendaddy

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  9. EM says:

    Elan, thank you for following my blog. I truly have no idea what I am doing with the tech end of things so my blog is bare bones.
    I look forward to reading yours. It looks wonderful!

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  10. Billy Mills says:

    Thanks for the Like.


  11. KM says:

    Just curious – how did you find my blog?


    • Elan Mudrow says:

      I’m constantly searching, finding, exploring words. One of your posts reminded my of the confessional poets.


      • KM says:

        Which post? Sorry, I’m just always curious what I’m doing that’s working to bring readers to my blog. I’ve been trying to up the quality of my posts lately, even if that means overall posting less frequently.


      • Elan Mudrow says:

        The post “Should You Be Eating That?”. What caught me was the use of quotations. I don’t think anyone else would be drawn to something as specific as that. It seems that people with a lot of followers use “grouping” tactics, like Millionaire’s Digest. I just write and read and for that there is no magic, just a lot of work.


      • KM says:

        I hear that. Well, I’m happy you’ve found my blog and, through that, I’ve found yours.

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  13. Thanks for leading me here. I love your blog. Your stringing of words takes me to another plane. At the fringes where consciousness meets the instinctive need to express. A plane I wish to and struggle to be at. Thanks again.

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  14. hanalie says:

    Thanks for following my blog. I’m very much impressed by yours 🙂


  15. Sakhi says:

    Hello dear,

    How are you doing ? Great blog you got here. I loved the theme. What’s it’s name ? The color tone is pretty easy on the eyes. The content is great too. I am a aspiring fiction writer. I started this blog in October, and my blog posts started flowing on 15th October almost. Since then I have been able to gather some 3,600 followers. I thought I will never get more than two, that too my friends. I love one thing about blogging community is that it’s very helping and cooperative. Always giving each other a leg up with reblog so and pong backs, or just being guest bloggers on each other’s blog. I myself have been guest blogging and have had guest bloggers on mine. I have been blessed enough to have some collaboration too. As of now I write for a E-Zine named Agnishatdal, a Webzine named Candles Online , a digest named The Millionaires Digest, a book review site called BooknVolume and I am also in collaboration with Madame Roberta Pimental. I am eager to find more people who can collaborate with me and we can help each other out. This is way to grow for them both. I saw your site and wondered if you would like to write post for me or go into collaboration. You will be a regular author till collaboration ends. I don’t have a big protocol to write if you agree. I can mail the details to you if you are interested. Also I will be writing for you as often as you want and follow all your protocol concerning word limit, topic and pictures etc. I would be honoured if you oblige me. After all blogging is all about spreading the word and getting more readers. A writer is never satisfied, he/she wants their work to reach maximum readers. This attempt of mine is a step in same direction. Hope you will reply to my request and let me know the follow up.
    Warm Regards


  16. Cynt says:

    Elan, I nominated your blog for the “The Versatile Blogger” Award. I hope you accept my nomination.


  17. Mr. Mel says:

    If it wasn’t for margins where would the errors go?


  18. Ankur Mithal says:

    Like someone said, “if you are not living in the margins, you are taking up too much space…”


  19. spreefirit says:

    Life itself is a mixture of odd things if you look at it that way…

    Kudos.. 🙂


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  21. Joshua Gayou says:

    I freaking love this about page.


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