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Here is where my deepest heart lies. These writings emanate from the many times when my passion hits the bottom and other times where it seems to fly on wings. To solace myself, I go to the woods on deep forest trails, pray to waterfalls, look over valleys, and dip my hands in the waters of springs, hoping to soothe myself. Forgive me if I get angry; for at times I’m just plain mad at the world.


This is empty. It is not words. No. Don’t let it fool you. It’s up to its tricks…….. Twisting meanings…….. And it’s ugly……. Take a look! Little symbols on a page. Not artistic at all! Graffiti is better Especially when … Continue reading

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Motion Detector

We come with a penumbra A lighter ring around the internal Within the greater external An outer fuzziness of contact That communicates an abstract Unstable in its assumptions Rewarded for its divinations It detects movement, motion Perceives, discerns, distinguishes Identifies, … Continue reading

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Once the wound is recognized, Bleeding may be stopped. Bandages are temporary. Stiches attempt closure. Surgery’s outcome could fail. The magic of the clot Is never a guarantee Since cuts, scrapes, and lacerations Run rampant inside and outside Body, skin, … Continue reading

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You’re a traveler for the sound of wings. Its organic, magnetic, comforting flutter Eases you, resolves you, melts you into consonance Whose song sings the thing, that lies…. within The rhetoric of freeways, That stripe of sound Dividing you into … Continue reading

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Christmas Photo Album

In the Christmas photo album….. Ghosts run among the pages Through images stuffed with Santas and snowmen. My sister’s ghost gives Indian burns My brother’s ghost I didn’t know Began to know And sometimes wished I still didn’t know Young … Continue reading

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Hanging Art

With full knowledge of its weight, made heavy By its gilded frame, Requiring strong wire Thick nails, to secure it In place—level—solid Upon a wall of plaster Chipped, repainted in layers Colors upon colors thick. We used our steady eye … Continue reading

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An Uncompromising Editor

I feel a slight brush Of fur and tail upon my calves Then, a head bunt. Mr. Fry is concerned About my Word document My Scrivener, my Office Suite PDFs and printables Sharing and synced Blogged, published, backed up……… Apparently, … Continue reading

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The Day The Music Died And They Were Singing

This town’s Elvis cannot strum a note Even while the doughnut king Leaves him plenty of strokes Many go looking for the him During the nighttime shanghai But these ghost-like hijacks Excite only hipsters and bruisers—and Cute, off-hour baristas Wearing … Continue reading

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Where have these old hands come from? For my wrists are still young With smooth brown skin Underneath layers of long sleeves Tucked inside cuffs of fabric Protected from abrasion   Firm wrists, supple, yes Now, attached to deserts—hands   … Continue reading

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The Grand Piano

These notes are chromatic Tumbling up and down Mere half-steps Semitones are impossible My fingers cannot Slip between keys Into a dampening effect Of felt touching felt My foot twitches Upon metal pedals To sustain, to soften   This melody … Continue reading

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