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Here is where my deepest heart lies. These writings emanate from the many times when my passion hits the bottom and other times where it seems to fly on wings. To solace myself, I go to the woods on deep forest trails, pray to waterfalls, look over valleys, and dip my hands in the waters of springs, hoping to soothe myself. Forgive me if I get angry; for at times I’m just plain mad at the world.


  Being poetic can be accidental However, Being a poet is no accident   Advertisements

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We stretch what is real Until it fits the way we feel If we don’t think it’s right We’ll let it soak overnight Where dreams of our wishes Are full of strange dishes Then, in the morning we awake To … Continue reading

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Page Turner

  Ask a poet for a page turner, She’ll offer you a page That can’t be turned   We tend to view life as  linear , as a series of events. Like art, it has depth.   Your happiness is … Continue reading

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Cascade Soul

My Spirit is a path built in the Cascades. Tectonic plates. It adheres to a dream where I’ve floated above the trail, without pain, not worrying about the forest. The seasons stilled and the river is silent. In this sleep, … Continue reading

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Mountain Lake

I sit with her Placing her in memory Giving thoughts strength, yet In her silence, she frightens me. I rely on others Camping upon her shore To soothe my worry. And although I haven’t Seen her rimmed with snow Echoing … Continue reading

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A Small Movement

There is a time when you know That you have loved With such depth….that The effect of that sense, Its peaks and its lows, Lovely affections and soft underbelly Fuses to your bones Becomes the art of your limbs   … Continue reading

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On The Other Side Of Fire

As sure as our feet hold To the firm ground Winds remind us of The shape of our bones.   Our body……… A beautiful malformation   Decorated, stretched arms Scuffs, polished into reflection. The sun is fast. The river, a … Continue reading

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There are cruel winters, cruel summers…… You accept them as best you can Bear them with disgruntled perseverance Holding inside a small ache, an annoyance……. Occasionally you yell at the weather…… A healthy madness, a mild mania……. The day does … Continue reading

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Before the unfurling The inward bloom An artist’s fist Compressed to the movement Of skin and desire Held to earth By fragile stem One day will Follow the sun Learn to lure the bee Speak in soft flesh tones…. And … Continue reading

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A reader dips a hand Into swift water Waiting in initial silence To be taken by the current   An author swims Without life preserver Arms….splashing Yelling towards the shoreline

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