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Here is where my deepest heart lies. These writings emanate from the many times when my passion hits the bottom and other times where it seems to fly on wings. To solace myself, I go to the woods on deep forest trails, pray to waterfalls, look over valleys, and dip my hands in the waters of springs, hoping to soothe myself. Forgive me if I get angry; for at times I’m just plain mad at the world.

Cascade Soul

My Spirit is a path built in the Cascades. Tectonic plates. It adheres to a dream where I’ve floated above the trail, without pain, not worrying about the forest. The seasons stilled and the river is silent. In this sleep, … Continue reading

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Before the unfurling The inward bloom An artist’s fist Compressed to the movement Of skin and desire Held to earth By fragile stem One day will Follow the sun Learn to lure the bee Speak in soft flesh tones…. And … Continue reading

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Mountain Lake

I sit with her Placing her in memory Giving thoughts strength, yet In her silence, she frightens me. I rely on others Camping upon her shore To soothe my worry. And although I haven’t Seen her rimmed with snow Echoing … Continue reading

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A reader dips a hand Into swift water Waiting in initial silence To be taken by the current   An author swims Without life preserver Arms….splashing Yelling towards the shoreline

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A Small Movement

There is a time when you know That you have loved With such depth….that The effect of that sense, Its peaks and its lows, Lovely affections and soft underbelly Fuses to your bones Becomes the art of your limbs   … Continue reading

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The leaf blowers start. Smell of gas fills the air. Mounds begin to form. There’s stragglers. Spots of yellow and orange Upon lawns watered To a suspended green During the black and white Months Of summer. A few flattened in … Continue reading

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Share The Dirt

Once, flowers were placed in gun barrels As a form of protest. Today, a garden is needed To keep the soil of the meadow Soft enough for all feet to walk upon Barefoot   We grow in common ground. Share … Continue reading

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Aftereffects Of Fire

Here, where fire once raged Our voice is diminished As if our speech leaves through Lungs weighing only of paper And this trail we have carved To stand next to old giants With charred arms Comes with symbols and words … Continue reading

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Same Is Said

Just when ya think Hate’s reached full glow It lets your ass know Has plenty of room to grow       Same is said of love.  (At least, That’s what I’ve heard.)   Follow this link Or this link Or even … Continue reading

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Summer 2017

Wild mood swings Calm. We soothe our wounds, Reconstruct, Find the kind story. Though words Linger. We begin a new Autumn memory   Try this link Or this link Or even this link  

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