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Here is where my deepest heart lies. These writings emanate from the many times when my passion hits the bottom and other times where it seems to fly on wings. To solace myself, I go to the woods on deep forest trails, pray to waterfalls, look over valleys, and dip my hands in the waters of springs, hoping to soothe myself. Forgive me if I get angry; for at times I’m just plain mad at the world.

Olympic Peninsula Beach–How To Miss A Highway

To get to the beach, we hike Through the smell of pine So thick, we can taste it. The trail is carpeted with needles– We think we’re the first humans To arrive on a new planet. Trees older than Columbus … Continue reading

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The Ocean Welcomes Me Back

She knows me. Though, I haven’t seen All that she is….. All her anger and angst Frozen at times, treacherous. I know her From the safety of my footing. She can pull me, She pulls me, I am pulled Not … Continue reading

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A Small Movement

There is a time when you know That you have loved With such depth….that The effect of that sense, Its peaks and its lows, Lovely affections and soft underbelly Fuses to your bones Becomes the art of your limbs   … Continue reading

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Peaceful Shit

The doors are open Yet, it’s silent I should hear children… The ones of the neighborhood Screaming at play Or the voice of Mr. Rush In his backyard Talking on his cell About installing water pumps. Where’s the lawn mowers … Continue reading

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Share The Dirt

Once, flowers were placed in gun barrels As a form of protest. Today, a garden is needed To keep the soil of the meadow Soft enough for all feet to walk upon Barefoot   We grow in common ground. Share … Continue reading

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Adolescent Tongue

Haze is in our voice, Wraps the air in orange Our mouths taste of ash From heat and dryness Encircling our throats We speak through filters We become speechless    Our voice is smoke As the sun turns colors A … Continue reading

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Aftereffects Of Fire

Here, where fire once raged Our voice is diminished As if our speech leaves through Lungs weighing only of paper And this trail we have carved To stand next to old giants With charred arms Comes with symbols and words … Continue reading

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Bits of straw, loose grain Scattered on harvest floor. Gleaned after tough rain Of the native moon Left nothing but tussled turf, and….. Remnants of our hunger.   Those bones, crop stalks Will bleach in encroaching, Inedible sunlight, Who comes … Continue reading

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Salmon River Spring

Cool kiss from the forest Stirs an inner revival Charged by its music Fresh from the source That drums upon rocks. As if my very bones Were strewn underneath The stream of Orpheus Whose rhythms sink Past thirst, deep within … Continue reading

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Harry’s Ridge

It’s a part time job She sells Pepsi and water Overpriced, in the parking lot “I’ve come here to run.” I want to say, but don’t. What would that mean? She looks at me strangely, anyway I’ve gotten used to … Continue reading

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