Slow Burst — Elan Mudrow Photography

Oregon Garden, September 2017

via Slow Burst — Elan Mudrow Photography


Gandalf the Grey — Elan Mudrow Photography

Pacific Crest Trail, Three Fingered Jack, Oregon. July 2017

via Gandalf the Grey — Elan Mudrow Photography

Smile Baking


I bake this smile

To a golden brown grin

It’s my choice

How it curls upon my face

I can set the timer

To tender and loving

Or longer

To smug and smartass… you see

I will shape it as I see fit

Perhaps, I will add more

Snappy sugar…and

it’ll be a tender smartass

A lover of smug, or a crispy smirk

I cook this happy crescent cookie

With my own kind of dough


If perchance, my smile

Were to run into your frown

During a cake walk

Don’t get uptight

We’ve all dealt with fallen sweets

Redefine your dough

Maybe you need a pinch

More pompous in the mix

Or a tidbit less sneer

Ask your lover for a bit more butter

Measure the milk

Using your own cup

Don’t let anyone

Put your smile in the oven

Before it has had time

To rise