American Grocery List


  1. Broccoli
  2. Carrots
  3. Romaine Lettuce
  4. Avocado
  5. Spinach
  6. Mary’s Virgin Olive Oil
  7. Dave’s Corporate Fiber Bread
  8. Weightwatchers scammy little peanut chipotle BBQ tempeh tenders
  9. Red Wine, preferably under ten dollars
  10. Soy curly fries
  11. Buy a salad, premade, in a plastic bag
  12. Put back the broccoli, carrots, lettuce, and spinach
  13. Buy Wishbone Blue Cheese Ranchy-like chunky salad dressing
  14. Buy Tony’s Frozen Pizza with cheese inside the crust, topped with exotic free-range animal meat
  15. Put back the Weightwatchers in the “Unhealthy” frozen section that for some strange reason needs to be separate from the “healthy” frozen section. The only determining factor is price.
  16. Buy Jo Jos- topped with chemically treated fake jalapeño gooey sauce
  17. Put back Mary’s virgin olive oil and the soy curly fries
  18. Buy a case of Budweiser or equivalent that’s on sale
  19. Put back red wine or not, THEN pause, making it look like you are deliberating on the issue of wine or beer for a half an hour, so it looks like you’re making important decisions.
  20. 2 pounds of hamburger with the highest possible fat content
  21. Wonder Bread 100% Whole Wheat genetically engineered Hamburger buns with seeds from unknown nuts, newly invented, imported, grown in the wilds of the Falklands and pieced together in Shanghai.
  22. Pretend you’re boycotting Dave’s Corporate Fiber bread, place it back on the appropriate shelf, with a little extra slam, finishing off with an angry look on your face, making sure you’re noticed by the nerd at the peanut butter grinding machine.
  23. Keep the avocado and let it rot on the kitchen counter



Last Of The Trick Or Treats


Little slim acne face

You know you’ve been jabbed at

Your laugh the littlest

A small-like snicker

Bedrooms are for hiding

No need to involve yourself

In overtime with the idiots…just

Dig into that last Halloween candy bag

Your grandmother bought you

For Christmas

And pull out the best Snickers you’ve got

You can see there’s no more

Monkey bars for you

Even though you will remember

The bark dust on the playground

Gets changed every other year

Sometimes it’s the big chunks

Other times, little

Still the slivers feel the same

You cling to the bars now, but

You want to lose your grip

On that coldest day of spring

When the metal stings your hands

Beginning a taste for chocolate

To soothe the curve of your hip

That bends the playground

Into lead memories full of twists

Will your first glass of wine

Make you dizzy?

Will she look like you…or?

The pain still resonates, but

Your new laughter is heard

Even while you hide in your room

The Pulse Of Hate


When a belief is

Devoid of love


We must question how

A belief is loved

Lest its passion

Confuses conviction….

With hate

You Are Never Gonna Be Written




There’s a sliver of night

That says to me, write

However, I gotta worry

About evening’s strange plight




Night is undependable

Unpredictable, and unreliable

It’s the “UnCola” ….it’s liable

To be too soft and pliable




My whims and thoughts

Into creepy plots

Making words bend

Into shapes like stinky socks!!!




Putrid verse into pockets

The stuff for silly lockets

Words that make me

Want to curse in never-ending “fuck its”. (I would say that’s stretching it a bit)




My stanzas don’t get squashed!

Making me wanna get sloshed!

There’s gotta be a muse

Who, like me, looks for that one missing galosh……………………….. (What?)




I start to feel a wee bit warm

An interesting idea begins to form

I’m attracted to its shape

A poem appears, like that! new born




That bastard named Revision

Catches me inside his windshield wiper of collision.——— ( I know, I know)

It’s an all-night job

Now, I’m stuck with a tough decision




I feel, I’m just scribbling a note

I wanna barf on a coat.————- (Good choice! It can be easily washed.)

I swear poetry

Is the art of the goat! ——(Oh, so now you’re evil?)




Day appears, crystal clean

Adding sense to the scene

And I realize poems

Need love before they are weaned





That calling of the night

That says to me, write

Depends upon morning bright

To make sure my poem’s got bite. ————–(Oh, you suck. You really suck.)




There’s a sliver of the next night

That says to me, again, write……..


(You bastard. You just took me back to the beginning. You’re a vicious loop. Just forget the whole thing! I’m going to bed! I’m not going to write you. Ha ha! You’ll be the one who suffers now. You won’t be written, EVER!!  Ha ha!! You won’t even exist and I can go on watching movies or playing video games, picking my nose and wasting as much time as I see fit. Whoo Hoo!!!!!!)


Photographer Unknown
Photographer Unknown



Shaking Glass With Hammers

photographer unknown ripper unknown
photographer unknown
ripper unknown

You have held lovers

Planting your curly soul

Within their shaking innards


Where you felt they

Wanted to be shook.


Vibrating back at you,

You became shaken

Hiding the trembling

Heat and pulse.

Thoughts of fragility

Make you wonder

If we’re hollow

With thin glass skin

Full of cracks.

Embarrassed by your

Snicker of realization…that


We are born with hammers

Grip, index, thumb



You said

You won’t write

About hearts breaking

And now

Here you are.



Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo

It’s a controlled randomness

How we travel…….

We twist and bend

In an array of paths

Through snarls,

Through touching,

Through communication.

We cover the ground

With our wanders.

The land listens

To our voice,

We say everything to it

Yet, it asks

For meaning

Or at least we ask it

For meanings

Causing us to name it

To name all

So we can measure

The array

From the smallest

To the largest value

We ask the land

Not to change

Through tectonic plates

Through temperatures

Through civilization

To wear the same array

For endless days

“When I see your face, I recognize it is you, but you have changed. I need to hear your voice.

Some seeds sprout


Travel within the array

Of paths

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