Rampant Dust

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We’re rampant dust with sunlight between our fingers.


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Ghost Story For The Wilderness Impaired

Slough Reflection
Timothy Lake July 2018

She’s a ghost. I know that. She brushes her fingers along my shoulders and I will look up to find her playing among the trees, pretending to be the wind. She’ll drop a pinecone or a small branch as a reminder. Then, off she goes to the deeper part of the forest where I can’t follow. She laughs. I can’t hear it, but I know she’s laughing.

This spirit of hers doesn’t frighten me. But there are times when the forest is as still as death. It’s upon these moments, in silent life, when I look behind me on the trail and shudder in my aloneness.

She returns, that’s what ghosts do, with her sound, a rustling, a stirring, a theme she buries deep inside me. Its tune reminds me that I’m also a ghost. At times, this makes me sad, to know I’m as invisible as her, but it’s her way of empowering me, to haunt. I can’t help but to be…a ghost.

I can tell you this one thing. It’s the only thing I really, really know. If you listen, you will also know you’re a ghost. Even when you’re in the middle of nowhere, look up, and see a jet leaving contrails high in the sky, above the wilderness, without making a sound.



Ghost Fence

Ghost Fence

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Searing Times

Inside a burnt tree. More photos here.

I wish I could dance in this wind. But its heat wilts me, keeps a dull, slight fever about my skin. I feel it drags everything into a blur, the flora, the fauna, the restless water, the dry grass. There’s so many separate lawns being watered in the midst of this drought.

 I await the first flirt of coolness, a gift from the ocean, when the wind tugs at my hand and compassion soothes the baked streets, the overdone frenzy.


Lightning Concrète

Rain, Reflection, Red Tennis Court, Mt. Tabor, Portland Oregon. June 2018

Elan’s Photography

Moon Jelly

A Last day of blue.

Found on Clatsop Spit, August 2018


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Carpet Layers

The carpet prevents slipping where spills occur, dims the reflection of lights, dampens the loud echo of hard shoes.
After years of soft walking, threads come loose, seams come undone. Underneath, a scuffed tile, a glimpse of all the slips, reflections, and echoes, their texture, their history.
We cover the tile with a new layer, restoring the delicate numb.



Ramona Falls’ Mist

Ramona’s whisper requites us to ourselves—our fires extinguished, our thirst sated.

That voice, a pact between mountain and moisture, is a quiet call to us

The stumbling pilgrims, forest wanderers, wishful sages who suffer from acute chatter.

Its language—slow—near wordless, near nothing, paints upon the brow reminders…

Of lost talk of the ancient shape of myths, wrapped around delicate, heavy truths,

Source of our combined story.


We arrive with city hands, parched

To drink for the first time—again.

Looking Glass

Little Crater Lake, July 2018

A double blue reflection. The cobalt of the lake with its graveyard of dead trees lying on the bottom. One recent death half-floats in purgatory. And the deep blue of the sky, foregrounded by a living green forest. Both blues framed by ancient volcanic formations. All is alive, even death.


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Event Horizon


We bluff the light, together, loving within the slow pull of measurable movement

 Creating fragile horizons out of uncertain wavelengths




Fragile nest

In the midst of

Erratic blaze




Sand Fire

Where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean

Clatsop Spit, Oregon, August 2018



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