General Review  by […] Elan Mudrow is a favourite of mine.  Her poems intermingle the ordinary with the absurd, as witnessed in today’s post:  Olympic Peninsula Beach – How to Miss a Highway. […]

Review of “Peaceful Shit” by Just Joan.

Figured it was a play on words, after all, who exchanges beets over the fence? Can’t give them away in my neck of the woods! A comprehensive list poem of the sounds you weren’t hearing. I recently read that we stir up wars because we can’t stand the boredom of peace; this kind of piggybacked on that. Simple poems invite complicated interpretations, who knows what chords they will strike in the reader? 🙂


Close Reading of “Salmon River Spring” by Seeonee

Really like this, especially “my atomic spirit”
Certain elements [Full disclosure, I was never good with science] have a half-life, which is the time it takes for half of the element to decay – I think they use it as a measurement, because some things have a half life of 10k + years, so it’s a time saver…. but think of the atomic spirit- it’s “Half-Life” so to speak is eternity – immutable, the only thing not subject to decay, entropy, and all the other ways the natural world reclaims its own. The clay belongs to the earth, but the spirit, with atomic strength, carries on in absolute perpetuity. Excellent Juxtaposition – I never thought of it that way.


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