Short Sayings



I swear someone or something slips me a sentence or two every now and then. They speak to me as much as they speak to you. One word contains whole sentences, paragraphs, and a tumult of emotion. They dance around inside of me, making my heart stretch beyond its limits, beating its way to an understanding, even if only for a fraction of some unknown non-time, the very limits themselves.


18 Responses to Short Sayings

  1. Completely related to this, especially the first sentence, as I think most writers would. You have a gift for first sentences, not that all the sentences aren’t good, but there is something special about mastering that first impression…and I see it done pretty consistently in your posts. Also, I enjoy your image choices.

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  2. Therese says:

    I so agree. On occasion, a short phrase or sometimes even a single word can stop me in my tracks and demand my attention. Thanks for your post!

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  3. Hello Elan–

    Thanks for the follow. You have an elaboratge, attractive blog site here: I will read some more!

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  5. Miss Andi says:

    Agreed! I never think about what I’m going to write. I open a word document and just let out whatever’s there. Sometimes it’s beautiful. Sometimes, not so much. But I remind myself I’ve been writing less then a month and time and life will shape my words. I just need to be open to it. 🙂

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  6. Music effects me this way. I hear a note, a chorus, a piano piece, and whole poems are downloaded into my mind.

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  7. Yesterday when writing my last blogg when I wrote the word spiritual something warned me because there’s two sides to the spiritual how ever your page is pretty wonderful it’s something in you that speaks on Love .

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  8. Feileaca says:

    Thank you, great blog

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  9. lghoelson says:

    Hi Elan,
    That voice is good to you, I will have to read more. Thanks for checking on my site. My little voice is my wife asking, ‘take your pills’, starts my blog slower.

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  10. iznisa says:

    Nice blog you have. Unique and interesting topics.

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  11. @philosophize101 says:

    How closely this hits home


  12. Sara McDaren says:

    I read this aloud just now to see how it would sound – I like the way the words seem to tumble over each other.

    You ever get an earworm of text – prose or verse – that slowly becomes louder and clearer until you realize it’s something you’re supposed to write down? Weird stuff.

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  13. I love your posts. This page is so beautiful and artistic and moving as is your writing.

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