Tag: Anger


Only through our vulnerabilities   Can we speak of ourselves Where no genders build language Where no categories structure Your reaction to my voice….. My reaction to your voice. Either of us can be the words Slicing into the coolness Of our combined angers…..… Continue Reading “Vulnerability”

Hair Yell

It’s ok to use a little hairspray To keep it out of your eyes Glue it down, rearrange it Before you lose your mind And yell at the mirror Blaming your cowlick On that worn pillow You named Mr. Flattie Throwing aside Pregnant Betty… Continue Reading “Hair Yell”

Bite Of The Wind

Have we missed the bite of the wind? So long has the heat Steered us into beliefs….of The shortened life of trees We can see all branches Shudder with the bite Reminding us of our connection Or what is sometimes called Our lives…… with… Continue Reading “Bite Of The Wind”

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