Fragile nest

In the midst of

Erratic blaze





Written By Arial Calibri


Fonts are a form of Haiku.

Bold, Italics, underline

Are metaphors for emphasis.

Saving, printing are symbolists

An accidental delete can anger me…I

Can be caught digging in the trash

For a bottle deposit kind-of-file

That inspires the next Ghazal of text.

But the amount of the deposit return

Depends upon which state I’m in.

Writing is full of clicks and drags.

I’ve experienced all

The ups of uploading

The downs of downloading

Every now and then

I need to reboot my operating system.

Sometimes a poem is like

An Adobe Flash Player,

A message in images.

I swear HTML is free verse,

PDFs are doggerels.

Poetry is like opening

A new window