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Gilligan’s Soliloquy

TV or not to TV, that is the question Whether ‘tis nobler for the stomach to suffer The future of outrageous coconut cream pies Or take bad dialogue from character actors And by opposing, end them, and get cancelled after three seasons To flee,… Continue Reading “Gilligan’s Soliloquy”

The Fern (Portrait #5)

This stream is the coldest my hands have ever touched. If there is a bottom to its shallowness, I can’t find it. The water seems so damned clear, too clear. I think I should be able to see, but I can’t. It must be… Continue Reading “The Fern (Portrait #5)”

The Instrument (Portrait #2)

  I stumbled upon her, hidden behind a large sliding door, within the comfort of darkness, unmoved, silent. Is that possible? She seemed so old, so incredibly old, as if one touch would turn her into dust. And dust was inside, so much earthly… Continue Reading “The Instrument (Portrait #2)”

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