Tag: Hope

A World Away Means We Are Dust

  A world away means we are dust Showing a sign Is a leaf in the crack of the sidewalk   Even if I did say Something stupid You know I’m true   Even though I got mad You know my heart is real… Continue Reading “A World Away Means We Are Dust”

I Want To Tell Those Eyes

  The window rattles every time a door is closed. They are being closed all the time. I place my hand on the window to stop it from rattling. Unfortunately, this brings me to the point of being able to look outside My hand… Continue Reading “I Want To Tell Those Eyes”

And. Cardboard

  And I have been cut off In a world of cardboard boxes Stacked upon one another Taped together by adhesive hands The laughs peer in from out Through the hole the sun knows The gawking eyes pay homage I teach them about cardboard… Continue Reading “And. Cardboard”

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