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Free Jazz

There are shapes to melodies Found in sequences In our hands and voices. We move them First as children, Awkward Matured into organic Adulthood To stretch harmony Into a testimonial Of the connective And the disconnect We kiss To alleviate … Continue reading

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Motion Detector

We come with a penumbra A lighter ring around the internal Within the greater external An outer fuzziness of contact That communicates an abstract Unstable in its assumptions Rewarded for its divinations It detects movement, motion Perceives, discerns, distinguishes Identifies, … Continue reading

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You’re a traveler for the sound of wings. Its organic, magnetic, comforting flutter Eases you, resolves you, melts you into consonance Whose song sings the thing, that lies…. within The rhetoric of freeways, That stripe of sound Dividing you into … Continue reading

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The Day The Music Died And They Were Singing

This town’s Elvis cannot strum a note Even while the doughnut king Leaves him plenty of strokes Many go looking for the him During the nighttime shanghai But these ghost-like hijacks Excite only hipsters and bruisers—and Cute, off-hour baristas Wearing … Continue reading

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The Grand Piano

These notes are chromatic Tumbling up and down Mere half-steps Semitones are impossible My fingers cannot Slip between keys Into a dampening effect Of felt touching felt My foot twitches Upon metal pedals To sustain, to soften   This melody … Continue reading

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A Score To Settle

We share the intros Melodies, harmony and noise Along the loud life…enough To vibrate the moon Shake a star loose While all our faults And splits of passion Deepen beneath our feet Buzzing between brackets Of time signatures, rattling keys … Continue reading

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Read It Silently

Read It Silently has been published.  

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