Tag: Nature

The Ripples Are Confused

  The river runs grey today Echoing the action of clouds They move, as it runs We are underneath, on the banks   The river is smiling at us This leads to a flood of sky Movement, on the way The flow can’t be…

We Awaken In The New Dry Day

You are like the missing rain Only the mist has been caught in the trees A thousand kisses fall to the ground Mud has formed at my feet I am on my hands Tracing your lips   Wooden steps support me The world is…

Before The Snow Falls Again

  The snow makes a sound When it is the most silent Spoken layers, hot tongue Venom love, words drop   The ache twists, gnarled Shoestring fingers grasp A cold hold, on a softness First appearing as steppes   So many footprints, now Lead…

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