Tag: Science Fiction

Sweet Dirt (Portrait 10)

You thought it would’ve been water and initially you were right. Then, the ocean changed. No one was surprised. After all, that’s what we do, change, survive, change again if we don’t die first. Not very poetic. What nipped us in the ass was…

Primary Voice

Inside the blue melody, exists The longing that exudes from us. Proves, we are all dynamics Ingrained in buzzed-out bodies. With arms flying alive Reaching for sound Feet uncontrollable, legs alien Outside ourselves, always, as we Feel the shake, when We cry—with the dance…

Spaceship Shops

This town is not mine. Its sidewalks— as grey as they Have ever been. The evaporating rain—still the same. But when I walk the streets I peer into shops As if they are spaceships Newly landed—and I fear Walking into one of them Will…

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