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Social Distancing

The warmth of the car Its heater The soothing voice of its radio The insulation it promises   The thoughts we have When losing the trail In the middle of a snowstorm   (Image entitled Bones. Click on image to enlarge. More images can… Continue Reading “Social Distancing”

The New App

Would you look where you’re going? Dig that head out of your device. Take a sure step ahead Or a car will end your streak Of cute emojis   Just wait a minute Put the Me Phone in your pocket And stop acting like… Continue Reading “The New App”

Lee’s Legos

  Chasing Lee was fun. That’s why they did it. He had angry eyebrows And threw bright Legos At the chasers, landing upon Grey, tar bubble, suburban Streets…The Converse Kids Smashed them to bits With the intensity of their running Until Lee’s red front… Continue Reading “Lee’s Legos”

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