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Looking For Goldilocks

  We’re measuring distant planets By the flutter of their stars By the flicker of the light That lies Next to their circumference   Abstracting them down Into analyzation Bringing them up to surface Through <code> </code> To words, pictures, and meanings   To… Continue Reading “Looking For Goldilocks”

A Sublunary Plea

Dear Kuiperian We’re caught in the middle of a courtship. The sun and the Earth are tangled in passionate gravity. However, the Earth has a lover on the side, the moon. The sun doesn’t like that and is jealous. So, what do we do?… Continue Reading “A Sublunary Plea”


Moons hug tightly to their brightened lovers, never letting go, gravity keeping them together. Stars and galaxies fill the void around them, flying farther and farther apart. Their vast emptiness is not an increase in solitude. The darkness is full of energies. Sometimes I… Continue Reading “Vastness”

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