Tag: Spirituality

I See Behind The Glance

  I see behind the glance The smell of hair My nose dug deep Kisses graze off   Missed deserts drink Daylight, a fear Nighttime, a place of fibs Soft hidden in the harsh   I have no sight Beyond what I feel Fingertips… Continue Reading “I See Behind The Glance”


  When you don’t touch for the first time, you never have to touch for the last time. But, all the touching in between those two creates a world of its own. Next time, go ahead and touch throughout. No matter how long it… Continue Reading “Touching”

I Want To Tell Those Eyes

  The window rattles every time a door is closed. They are being closed all the time. I place my hand on the window to stop it from rattling. Unfortunately, this brings me to the point of being able to look outside My hand… Continue Reading “I Want To Tell Those Eyes”

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