Tag: Sun

Under Clear Skies

The ground is the hardest clay Groups of limbs follow its path Huddle in the sun Knees hidden, ankles astray Plot on how to tiptoe along cushions of leaves.  

The Cat’s Nomenclature

  All throats are coated There is no clear speech It is, a cluttered emptiness Search for words, understood only By mimicry, representation sounded And it seems that voice knows What part of the night To split open wide, with ruckus Within the apex… Continue Reading “The Cat’s Nomenclature”

Apprehensive Sunlight

  The floor chases the sun Disturbing the warmth, Dust wanders Within bent beams, embedded In light captured heat Moves as an animal, crawling Never quite caught, always catching   Late leaves, blended with sidewalks Attempt a crossing, through portal Entering dry, slightly sifted… Continue Reading “Apprehensive Sunlight”

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