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The mist stifles all sound, confines sight Numbs time, suspends the linear Encloses you in tentative comfort While scaring you with limitations   You find yourself worried about the quiet Near the shallow ripples of the lake Where the hills slant their hardest towards… Continue Reading “Linear”

One, One Thousand. Two, One Thousand.

Even among those who do not possess rhythm The counting of seconds is a meter All count, with near precision.   It is felt in how the world Bats the sun round the sky, and Back round again…. An inevitable rhythm…. Placed within parenthesis…… Continue Reading “One, One Thousand. Two, One Thousand.”

Young Words

  There is a temporal space A frozen lake, where words From heated thoughts spill, Into symbols upon ice Slip, fall, even from sure palms   The stilled linear water Layered out into oval Fed by streams and sources Have been slowed By brave… Continue Reading “Young Words”

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