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Distant Trees Know No Names

  The look feels the distance, travelling Upon waves of heat, blurring perception Future weeks are lost in the haze I am the lost street, blocks scrape my skin And cannot be disconnected, unplugged   I am only electricity, a time excuse For the… Continue Reading “Distant Trees Know No Names”

Word Knots

  Span of index, arms weakened Rambles upon wrinkles, I am Pressed between Earth and Air…..Flow upon my continent’s Systems, scattered over ranges   Puddles flirt with thirst, Lakes, Mock the drought of my Throat, Reservoirs dribble… For My body is a gathering Of… Continue Reading “Word Knots”

Static Leaf

The leaf dances Around every corner Around every thought Even in the avoided song   Now upon the ground A rush of wind stirs Hands like autumn A distant radio is heard   Gathered in piles An invitation to jump Soft at first, then… Continue Reading “Static Leaf”

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