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Modern Yin Yang

The sky, always young, always ancient Hazy in crisp, clear, cold fog Brazen in the brightest blue Until indigo sets flames to red Or the mist seeps us into night. Where soft transient sleeping eyes Free feet from the faculty of ground   Alarm… Continue Reading “Modern Yin Yang”

About The Bird

I was invited to one of those huggy, huggy group meetings. You know, the type where everyone reveals inner lies about themselves, others, and the world around them. Well, we soon started picking out animal personalities for each other, which sucked, because someone else… Continue Reading “About The Bird”

And. Cardboard

  And I have been cut off In a world of cardboard boxes Stacked upon one another Taped together by adhesive hands The laughs peer in from out Through the hole the sun knows The gawking eyes pay homage I teach them about cardboard… Continue Reading “And. Cardboard”

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